Here below is the list of examples and best practices which have been collected so far. It is possible to filter the list by clicking on one of the keywords on the top. The examples labelled with “RICHES case study” have been analysed in the research study carried out in the project, those labelled with “external suggestion” have been suggested by people outside the RICHES consortium. RICHES does not endorse their content in any way.


Fine Arts System
Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB)
Time Machine, a digital storytelling exhibit at the Neues Museum, Berlin
Staedel Museum, Digital Collection
Imperial War Museums
Die Welt der Habsburger
The British Museum Collection Online
Monet and the birth of Impressionism
1860 - 2015, Jews in Argentina
The Secret Annex Online: Discover Anne Frank´s hiding place
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Online Collection
Explore the World of Musical Instruments
America on the Move
Under the Influence of the Heaven: Astrology in Medicine in the 15th and 16th Century
The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection Online
Museumsplattform NRW
The Guggenheim Collection Online
The Louvre, Virtual Tour and Collections
Digital Museum Tokyo
The Men On The Memorial. The stories of Skelsmergh´s First World War dead
1839 – 1860 - Photography on a silver plate
Biodiversity Library Exhibition
Europeana 1914-1918
Europeana 1989


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