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Monthly Archives: May 2016

D8.5 Cultural Heritage in a Changing World

Report describing the methodology statement of the development of the book entitled Cultural Heritage in a Changing World. The central purpose of this collection of essays is to make a creative addition to the debates surrounding the cultural heritage domain.

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D7.2 Online resources for living heritage

This document provides an overview of the toolkit that has been developed for cultural heritage professionals to define their co-creation strategy. The kit allows cultural heritage professionals to flesh out their ambition towards co-creation in terms of stakeholders, aims, and long term planning, before delving into the detail of the project. The kit facilitates a structured brainstorm with the internal team, before engaging with external stakeholders.

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D4.3 Structures for community and territorial cohesion

Report examining the role of cultural heritage in relation to community and territorial cohesion It focuses on how cultural heritage resources can be deployed in the construction of localised and spatially defined communities, and, where relevant, it examines the ways in which digital technology is being used in this process.

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