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Territorial cohesion

D4.3 Structures for community and territorial cohesion

Report examining the role of cultural heritage in relation to community and territorial cohesion It focuses on how cultural heritage resources can be deployed in the construction of localised and spatially defined communities, and, where relevant, it examines the ways in which digital technology is being used in this process.

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D5.2 Place-making, promotion and commodification of CH resources

Report examining whether locations have coherent strategies to appeal to consumers using cultural resources and attributes such as place promotion, product and quality. Analysis focuses on the contemporary influences and contribution of digital technologies in the exploitation of cultural heritage.

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European Policy Brief. The impact of European water policy on the water CH

This policy brief summarises the findings of the MEMOLA project with regard to the impact of European water policy on the water cultural heritage associated with historical irrigation systems. The brief also presents suggestions for policy interventions in order to establish the mechanisms and criteria for the delimitation of their values and for their protection.

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