Title D8.4 International Conference Proceedings – Amsterdam
Creator Mariska Hamelink, Robin van Westen, Dick van Dijk (WAAG)
Subject International Conference Proceedings
Proceedings of Identity Matters, the closing conference of the RICHES project who took place in Amsterdam on 14 and 15 April 2016. Some 200 people registered to take part in conference, coming from all over Europe. The conference was a great eclectic mix of disciplines and ideas. The speakers shared their work, gave the audience new insights and shared their questions. Resulting in an open atmosphere where people felt free to participate and engage in dialogue, not only onsite but through social media as well. The conference addressed a number of urgent topics. Identity is an important issue central to the context of change that the RICHES project has been researching. Cultural heritage is dynamic, and has enormous potential, but is not always used in its full potential (yet) in terms of its contribution to quality of life, understanding the past, assisting social cohesion, driving economic growth, opening up employment opportunities and supporting wider developments such as improvements in education and in artistic careers.
Publisher RICHES Project
Date May 2016
Type Report
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Language English
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