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D7.2 Online resources for living heritage

This document provides an overview of the toolkit that has been developed for cultural heritage professionals to define their co-creation strategy. The kit allows cultural heritage professionals to flesh out their ambition towards co-creation in terms of stakeholders, aims, and long term planning, before delving into the detail of the project. The kit facilitates a structured brainstorm with the internal team, before engaging with external stakeholders.

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European Policy Brief. Co-creation strategies: from incidental to transformative.

Co-creation within CH institutions is not a new phenomenon, but the current practice often is project based, run only by the educational staff, met by scepsis from curators and conservators, thus leaving a lot of potential results untouched. This policy brief, based on preliminary research findings, gives a short overview of the potential benefits of co-creative methods in the CH sector, of the current practices and a number of suggestions to further stimulate co-creation in cultural heritage on a strategic level.

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Do you know what co-creation is?

In a dynamic European context, cultural heritage institutions are redefining their roles and indeed themselves. The challenges that institutions face today – technological innovation, sustainability, citizenship, lifelong learning and cultural diversity – are complex and almost always impact upon more than one domain. Traditional means of innovation do not always work anymore and instead new approaches emerge that involve end-users and professionals at all levels, to enable a collective imagining, building and experiencing of new futures.

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