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Digital heritage (repository – catalogue)

D5.3 Fiscal and Economic Issues in the Digital Age

Report providing an economic analysis of the impact of taxation, public support and private contribution to the production, distribution and consumption of cultural heritage and to improve understanding of the geography of cultural activities and ways in which fiscal policy can become more efficient in the age of digitization.

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Digital libraries, collections, exhibitions and users. Exploring the status of digital heritage mediated by memory institutions

Digital technologies are deeply transforming the ways in which heritage institutions mediate their collections and interact with their audiences. Responding to a growing and persistent demand for digital content, institutions make available large amounts of curated digital resources for study and scholarly research, for discovery and creative reuse, for enjoyment, education and learning. This study explores the status of digital heritage mediated by libraries and museums by means of five case studies, in which the results of the research will be illustrated and validated through evaluation with end-users.

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