Title D2.1 CH Definitions and Taxonomy
Creator Núria Campreciós, Marc Aguilar, Sergi Fernández, Artur Serra (I2CAT)
Contributor The RICHES project editorial team (Charlotte Waelde, Unexe; Amalia Sabiescu, Tim Hammerton and Neil Forbes, Covuni; Wayne Modest, RMW Leiden; Núria Campreciós, i2CAT; Claudia Pierotti and Antonella Fresa, Promoter)
Subject CH Definitions and Taxonomy
Description RICHES theoretical framework of interrelated terms and definitions, within which further research may be conducted and shared and CH-related practices may be further developed.
Publisher RICHES Project
Date November 2014
Type Report
Format PDF, 1.56 mb
Language English
Rights Management Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons