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Monthly Archives: March 2016

European Policy Brief. Food Heritage and Culture: Changing Spaces of Production and Consumption.

The aim of this policy brief is to highlight the growth of community-led food initiatives and the changing spaces of food production and consumption. It shows how food culture can be a force for change and how citizens can co-create cultural heritage around food. It provides some brief examples of community-led food initiatives and makes recommendations for policies which are needed to enable these to thrive.

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D5.2 Place-making, promotion and commodification of CH resources

Report examining whether locations have coherent strategies to appeal to consumers using cultural resources and attributes such as place promotion, product and quality. Analysis focuses on the contemporary influences and contribution of digital technologies in the exploitation of cultural heritage.

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Managing Art Projects with Societal Impact

Managing art projects with societal impact is about creating and managing the power of art projects to change individuals and societies. This book offers insights, tools and case studies to explain how to influences and to raise your own reflections and new questions. Funded with the generous financial aid of the European Commission, through the Lifelong-Learning project 540176-LLP-1-2013-1-EE -ERASMUS-EQR, this book is freely distributed in its online version (293 pages with conceptual discussions, methods and case studies).

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