Title Networking Session and Policy Briefing – Brussels October 2015
Creator RICHES Project
Subject Report of the First RICHES Policy Seminar
Description 2015 is an exceptionally significant year for cultural heritage in Europe. On 8 September 2015 the European Parliament Resolution, ‘Towards an integrated approach to cultural heritage for Europe’ passed, laying the foundation for a strategic approach to heritage within Europe for the future. It is against this background, and in the light of significant research outcomes published by the RICHES project that resonate strongly with the recommendations contained within the Resolution, that RICHES hosted in Brussels on 19 October 2015 its first policy seminar, ‘New Horizons for Cultural Heritage – Recalibrating relationships: bringing cultural heritage and people together in a changing Europe’. The purpose of the seminar was to highlight how the research emanating from RICHES could provide key insights for European policy makers and contribute to evidence based policy making with a particular focus on the impact for the cultural heritage sector of a taxonomy of terms, co-creation practices and new ways of thinking about copyright, each of which is the subject of a RICHES policy brief.
Publisher RICHES Project
Date November 2015
Type Report
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