Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, SPK


German (content), German and English (user interface)


Launched in December 2011, the online database SMB-digital is the third biggest online museum collection in Germany. It provides access to scientific documentation and images of 149,000 objects from the rich collections of the State Museums of Berlin (4,7 million objects of art, archaeology, and ethnology from Europe and other continents). Dynamically exported from the museums’ collections database system, the content of SMB-digital is constantly updated with new records. Each record contains basic information for the identification of the object, a text description and an image. The user can browse the records of all the objects or of the highlights of the collections or select records of objects and create a personal collection. There is a simple search in all the fields and an expert search with combination of criteria.


fine arts, art, archaeology, ethnology, digital collection, museum online collections, antiquity, middle ages, renaissance, modern period, digital cultural heritage




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