Title Towards a Craft Revival: Recalibrating Social, Cultural, Economic and Technological Dynamics.
Creator RICHES Project
Subject Craft skills
Description One of the objectives of the RICHES project is to examine the factors, conditions and processes underpinning the reconciliation of culture, creativity, and economic and employment growth. It specifically addresses craft-related knowledge and skills as emblematic instances of practices that embed a social, historical, cultural and economic value. Starting from the observation that craft knowledge and skills in Europe are often endangered, the project sought to understand whether and how these can be revived not as cultural instances to be safeguarded, but as significant drivers for stimulating creativity, spearheading innovation and generating economic value and new employment opportunities. Special attention was given to the role that digital technology can play in these processes. The research carried out demonstrates that rather than undermining the value of craft and craft skills, digital technologies can be used strategically to drive innovative craft practice. This would be achieved through enhanced creativity and customisation, by communicating product features to a global audience, supporting innovative business models, and fostering the transmission of knowledge and skills through new online channels and informal educational processes.
Publisher RICHES Project
Date April 2016
Type Report
Format PDF, 916 Kb
Language English
Rights Management Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons