Title Namur Declaration. CH in the 21th century for living better together. Towards a common strategy for Europe.
Creator European ministers responsible for Cultural Heritage
Subject Namur Declaration for a European Strategy for Heritage
Description The Namur Declaration defines the objectives and priorities for a future common European Heritage Strategy which the European ministers responsible for cultural heritage strive to adopt by the end of 2016. The Ministries call for this Strategy to be developed in close cooperation with the European Union, UNESCO and other international stakeholders and to offer a vision and 10-year framework for actions and to promote a shared and unifying approach to heritage management. They also want four priorities to be given due attention: the contribution of heritage to quality of life and living environment, its contribution to Europe’s attractiveness and prosperity, education and lifelong learning, and participatory governance in the heritage field.
Publisher Council of the European Union
Date April 2015
Type Report
Format PDF, 102 Kb
Language English
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