Title Economics of Culture
Creator RICHES Project
Subject Economics of Culture Flyer
Description European cultural heritage is of exceptional economic importance and has the power to support economic growth and regional development. The potential of Europe’s cultural heritage became even greater with the onset of digital technology which has revolutionised societies and transformed the way in which cultural heritage is produced, accessed, communicated, participated in and disseminated. Engaging with digital technologies and adopting collaborative working practices can result in many new forms of access, interpretation, social inclusion and enhanced visitor experience. This has many benefits for the creative economy such as the potential to increase consumption, attract new audiences and to improve revenue. Within the RICHES project we investigate fiscal and economic aspects of cultural consumption in the European Union. One of the available and yet underappreciated tools in cultural policy at the national level is the reduction of VAT rates for cultural goods and services. We explore the potential of fiscal incentives by introducing a theoretical model, which is then tested using data for all EU countries in the period of the last two decades.
Publisher RICHES Project
Date September 2015
Type Report
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