Title European Minorities and Identity: strengthening relationships for a sense of belonging in the digital era
Creator RICHES Project
Subject European Minorities and Identity
Description European identity is ever changing, and different groups face different challenges and have varying needs. As RICHES deliverable D4.1 – European identity, belonging and the role for digital CH – states, shared values and CH can provide a sense of belonging amongst and between European citizens. An aspect of RICHES research is concerned with digital CH websites and their contributions towards the development of a European identity that encapsulates the diversity of communities across the continent. In this context, identity is a plural entity that connotes a sense of belonging to a group or community or engagement in cultural activities, aesthetic judgment and freedom of expression. This policy brief discusses the main findings of the study and offers a series of recommendations, which can contribute to the understanding of a European identity and strengthen already existing relationships.
Publisher RICHES Project
Date April 2016
Type Report
Format PDF, 797 Kb
Language English
Rights Management Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons